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The world class cultural heritage - UNESCO

Visit Borobudur temple in the sunrise, You will fee a sensation like You are in Nirwana. Borobudur is actually consider as the most beautifull Bouddhis temple in Indonesia that you must visit when you are in Yogyakarta.  Borobudur is like a Mandala, a way to achive Nirwana, world emptiness, no suffering.   by your Guide, You will learn  bouddhism through the relief carved on the wall and the 504 Bouddha statue in the niche.

40km to the north of Yogyakarta, close to the city of Magelang, you can visit Borobudur temple, the biggest Buddhist temple in Indonesia. The temple is built in 9th Century. Borobudur is one of the trinity of temple with Mendut and Pawon. The pilgrimage starts from Mendut, where the pilgrims pray in front of a 3-meter-tall statue of Buddha Wairocana with the hand position of “Darma Chakra Mudra” that signify the ultimate life.


When Visiting Borobudur and arriving on the last terrace of the temple You will feel a sensation. Start from six concentric square terraces, than go up to three circular platforms and arriving at the top, a monumental stupa where you can wacth 360 degree of the nature beauty in around of the temple. Borobudur represents a Mandala, a way to reach Nirvana. The temple is composed in 9 terraces: 6 square ground terrace, and 3 round ground terrace. The last terrace with a plain Stupa represents the ultimate life. According to the Buddhist Philosophy, life is a suffer, we can only free ourselves from suffering after we are able to empty ourselves from emotion and desire. At the top of the temple, you can see a beautiful scenery of Menoreh Mountain. The best time to take a picture in Borobudur is during the sunrise or sunset. If you wish to see the sunrise from Borobudur, you can stay at Manohara Hotel.

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To know the story of Buddha, you have to read the relief from left to right or we call it Pradaksina. The story is about Prince Sidharta who has almost everything in life, money, family, woman, everything. One day, he went out of his palace and meet 4 most important encounter in his life. And he became to realize that to be free from the life he must empty himself from desire and emotion. The philosophy touches people around the world as it could bring peace.


At the top, you will see 504 Buddha’s statue in the niche and in stupa with different hand position. The 6 hand positions teach us the Buddhist philosophy like we have to meditate to find the inner peace, do charity, and be enlightened to reach Nirvana.


After the visit of temple you can continue some activities that you can do around the site : Cycling in the village, see how local life and interact with them, visiting ceramic workshop, fabrication of tofu, rafting, etc



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