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Dieng Plateau - Central Java

Place of Gods - Very Old temples and Beautiful lanscape

The name « Dieng » derived from « Di » which means « the place » or « mountain » and “Hyang” which means “God”. Dieng means the mountain or the House of God. Dieng Plateau is the highest Plateau in Java that has a breathtaking view.

Dieng Plateau is located about 2000m from sea level, a region with fresh air. During the night the temperature could drop until 10°C and during the day, the temperature is around 20°C. This plateau is located around 30 km from Wonosobo city, to the west of Sindoro and Sumbing volcano. To enjoy the region, we recommend you to stay in Wonosobo to get a comfortable place to stay or you could also stay in a simple rustic guesthouse. Some guest house only accepts married couple. (Unmarried couples are unwelcome!)



Pandawa Lima Temples

Dieng is a region sacred for the Hindu in Java. Dieng is considered as the center of Hindu civilization of the 7th century, the beginning of Hindu civilization in Java. You will find a complex of temples named after puppet character: Arjuna, Srikandi, Gatotkaca and Bima temple. In Hindu tradition, we can’t find a temple with the other name out of Javanese puppet character’s name.

Tlaga Warna.

Dieng has some lake: lake Menjer, Dringo, Cebongan, Pengilon, and Tlaga Warna or the Colored lake. It is the most beautiful volcanic lake in the point of view where it reflects different color. The color is triggered by the good weather and the different minerals in the bottom of the lake. The best view to see the lake is of course from the height.


Sikunir is the highest village in central Java, famous as a sunrise spot. After about 45 minutes of walking, you will arrive on a plateau with a view of two actives volcanos, Sindoro and Sumbing. You will have a mesmerizing view of lake Cebongan and beautiful vegetable farm.

Sikidang Crater

Dieng is a volcanic land. You will find another important volcanic activity. There is Sikidang crater which always active. If you have a respiratory problem, it is highly recommended that you don’t get too close to the crater. The gas pressure makes a loud sound every time. During the rain, the gas could be toxic.


We recommend you to stay in Wonosobo for comfort place and it’s also recommeded to visit this region after the visit to Borobudur. You could combine the visit to Dieng with the visit to Pangandaran in West Java with a stop in Purwokerto.

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