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West Sumatera

West Sumatera is one of the biggest province in Sumatera. It’s known for it’s culinary: Rendang.


The city of Bukit Tinggi is the second largest city in the West Sumatera Province, Indonesia. This city has been the capital of Indonesia during the emergency state of  the Indonesian government. This city also has been the capital city of West Sumatera and Central Sumatera Province.  Bukit Tinggi during the colonialization is known as Fort de Kock and also called as Parijs van Sumatra.

The area of Bukit Tinggi counts 145,29 km², according to the regulation number 84, 1999. Bukit Tinggi is one of the largest trade city in Sumatera.


Harau valley is a fertile valley in Harau region, West Sumatera. Located around 138 km from Padang and 47 km from Bukit Tinggi. This place is surrounded by colored granite stones with the height of 100-500 meters.  Walking around Harau valley is so refreshing. You could see beautiful scenery from there.


Lake Maninjau is a lake in the region of Agam, West Sumatera. This lake is located around 140 km in the north of Padang City. It’s a volcanic lake on 461,50 meter above sea level. Maninjau Lake is a caldera made after the eruption that spilled out 220-250 km3 of Pyroclastic material. It was made by the eruption of a strato-volcano called Satinjau (according to the urban legend). This caldera is occupied by 8 km x 16,5 km (132 km2) lake. It has 157 meter of depth.


The city of Padang is the largest city in west Sumatera and also the capital city of West Sumatera province, Indonesia. The area counts 694,96 km², surrounded by sea and mountain. It has the population of 1.000.096 in 2014. Padang is a central economy with the highest GDP in West Sumatera.  The city also known as the health center and education city as we can locate many Universities and health facilities in the city. As a cultural city, Padang is known for the legend of Malin Kundang and Siti Nurbaya, and every year it held cultural festival to support the tourism in the area. Among the Indonesian, the name of the city always associated with the ethnic of Minangkabau and their culinary.

Destinations of Sumatera
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