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With the area of 473.481 km², Sumatera or Sumatra is the second largest island in Indonesia after Borneo/Kalimantan with 539.460 km2. Sumatera is known for the name of “Suarnadwipa”, a sankrit word means “the island of gold” or “Suwarnabumi” which means the land of gold. We called it the Malay island as the language In Sumatera is Malay like in Malaysia.


Sumatera is a very rich island. The land is fertile. We plant various tropical plants like coffee, cacao, rubber, palm, and Tabaco. Sumatera is covered by 2.5 million hectare of forest, habitat of Orangutan, Sumatran tiger, rhinoceros and Sumatran elephants. The forest is like the lung of the world.

Ecologic said that Orang Utan is like green gold. It’s an animal that only live in Sumatera and Kalimantan. Indonesia is the only country where you can find Orang Utan in the forest.

How to get to Sumatra?

  • Medan is one of Indonesia’s biggest city. It is in the top of Sumatra Island. Medan is often considered as the starting point of the Sumatra trip and known for Batak culture and lake Toba. Medan has a very big and modern International Airport that support a lot of flights from a lot of foreign cities. You can reach Medan directly from some cities in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur and Penang), Singapore and Bangkok. If you wish to depart within the country, you can easily reach it from Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, and Bandung.
  • Padang is a city where ‘Rendang’ is originally from. Rendang is considered as the most delicious meals in the world. To reach Padang, you can come from Kuala Lumpur. Air Asia serves 2 flights a day from KL to Padang. From Jakarta, you will find plenty choices of airline company who serves flights to Padang.

More destination of Sumatra

Destinations of Sumatera
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