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Flores and Komodo Island

The name Flores derived from Portuguese word means flowers. It’s a very beautiful island, just like a flower. You will find the authentic part of the country, luxury nature, and beautiful beaches with white sand. The western port is Labuhan Bajo, the entrance to the Komodo National Park where you can find the endemic prehistoric animal of Indonesia, The Dragon of Komodo.

Flores is a principal island of the Nusa Tenggara Timur archipelago. It’s a small island of 350 km long, located at the east of  Komodo island and west of Lembata island, northwest of Timor and south of Sulawesi. It’s a really magnificent island: Beautiful volcanic lake, Kelimutu; beautiful rice field in form of spider web; beautiful traditional village of Bena and Wae Rebo; Beautiful isles, and of course the endemic animal, Komodo.

For you who like adventure, you can sleep in less comfortable hotel to reach the nature and culture of Flores Komodo.  We could propose you a program for 7-10 days of discovery of the island and the sea.

Cruise in Flores

You have the possibility to discover the Flores and Komodo Archipelago by cruise in standard and luxury category. You can stay 3-5 days in the west part of Flores and Komodo while visiting the island of Komodo. You can cruise from Labuhanbajo –  Rinca – Komodo – Sumba – Lombok for 7 days.

How to get to Flores-Komodo ?

Flores is a small island. To get to Flores you have to pass by Denpasar, Bali. You can reach it by 3 airports in 3 cities:

  • Labuhan Bajo. If you wish to visit the Komodo dragon in Komodo Island, you have to go to Labuhan Bajo. Labuhan Bajo is also a starting point for the Trans Flores tour. To go to Labuhan Bajo there are several flights by several airlines companies. Garuda Indonesia and Wings Air fly to Labuhan Bajo 3 times a day everyday. While Nam Air fly from Denpasar only once a day everyday but with the shortest duration compared to the other flights.
  • Ende. Ende is a city close to Mon, the strarting point to go to visit the Volcano and Kelimutu Lake. You can take either Garuda Indonesia or Wings Air to go to Ende from Denpasar. They serve 1 time flight per day with each transit 1 time in Labuhan Bajo. Wings might fly more than 1 time a day with transit in Tambolaka.
  • Maumere. If you wish to do the Trans Flores tour a little bit different (from East to West), you can start from Maumere. There are 3 airline company which serve flights from Denpasar to Maumere, Garuda Indonesia, Wings Air, and Nam Air. Wings Air fly one time everyday. Garuda Indonesia fly one time every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. While Nam Air fly one time a day every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.



Destinations of Flores & Komodo Island
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