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Bromo Volcano - East of Java

The Most beautiful National Park in Indonesia

Located in east Java, Bromo is one of the most beautifull volcano in Indonesia. Bromo with Semeru volcano and  Tengger Caldeira are clasifieds as the first rank of the Indonesian national Park.  Located in a middle of sand sea in Tengger Caldeira, Bromo  has 2,329 meters (7,641 ft) above sea level.  it is not the highest peak in Java, but it’s the most well-known and the most visited volcano in Java. After Bromo, You  have to go to Magnifique Ijen Volcano.

BROMO  2329m

Bromo is a very active volcano in Bromo, Tengger, and Semeru National Park. The Tengger caldera is a huge caldera with the diameter of 16 meter.  The caldera is made after a big explosion more than 820.000 years ago. Within the caldera, you will find some cone of volcanos. Two important volcano called Batok which no longer active and Bromo which always active. The Tengger caldera is filled by volcanic sand. You can walk to the volcano and climb from your hotel in Cemorolawang for about 1-hour walking.

The last eruption of Bromo happened in 2015, 2010, 2004…it is exploded every 5 years’ average.


Penanjakan is the highest point in the caldera of Tengger which allows you to see all of the active volcanos inside it and also Semeru 3767m. It’s the best place to admire the beauty of this magical place. During the weekend of peak season, you will hardly find a place to take a good picture. And for that, there are 2 other point below Penanjakan: Kingkong Hill and Cinta Hill. You could walk down to reach the Seruni Point for approximately 1 hour. Seruni is a view point to see the caldera close to Cemorolawang village.

 SEMERU 3767m.

Semeru is an active volcano and also the highest volcano in Java, and the third highest in Indonesia after Puncak Jaya in Papua and Rinjani in Lombok. To climb to the peak of Semeru, you have to spend 2 days minimum or 3 days to be more relax. You also have to sleep in tent. This trek requires a very good preparation. You will begin the trek from the village of Ranupane and go through the forest of the National Park, then arrive in the beautiful lake of Ranukumbolo, and continue walking on the savana. After spend the night, you will continue walking on the sand until the peak.


Madakaripura is a very beautiful waterfall that you can find before you arrive in the village of Ngadisari. After a transfer with a motorbike and walking for about 30 minutes along the river, you will arrive in the end of the river and find a giant cliff and a beautiful waterfall. The water splash on the way to the waterfall. You can enjoy swimming in a fresh water. Perpare your swimsuit and sandals. We reccommend you to do that before noon or after noon in a certain condition.


Kesodo  is a religius ceremony of Tengger tribe, the descendant of Majapahit, the last Hindu’s kingdom in Indonesia. It is a ceremony to be thankful for the harvest and also to pray for the volcano to remain calm.

During the night, lots of people come to the temple in the bottom of the caldera of Tengger, closed to Mount Batok and Bromo to pray and prepare the offering then continue to climb Bromo. They will throw the offering in the crater.

The word Bromo derived from « Brahma », one of the Trinity of God in Hindu. Brahma is the God of Creation. After Islam arrive in Java, and the Kingdom of Majapahit became an Islam Kingdom, the people who don’t want to change their faith climb and settle in Bromo. Some of them go to Bali and the other go to Sukuh, in Central Java.


Surabaya – Bromo

The principal acces to go to Bromo  is  through Surabaya. You could take a flight to Juanda International Airport from  Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Bali.  Garuda, Lion air has several times flights  to Surabaya. Surabaya has also a direct international flight  coming from Singapore or Kualalumpur by Airasia and Silk Air.  If you start the trip from Yogyakarta, you could take the Train (Sancaka Pagi, Executive class, arrive in Surabaya at 11.40). From Surabaya, you  can take car to Bromo for about 3 – 4 hours drive..

3 access to visit Bromo: Probolinggo, Malang, and Pasuruhan.

Probolinggo > Cemorolawang/Ngadisari

Probolinggois the most famous access to Bromo. To go to Probolinggo, you have some option. You can take a direct train to Probolinggo (Sri Tanjung, economic class, Arrive in Probolinggo at approximately 5 PM – 8 hours train) or you can go to Surabaya then take the car to Probolinggo. There are a lot of hotel in the village of Cemorolawang and Ngadisari like Lava View, Bromo Permai, Cafe Lava, and Cemoro Indah. The hotel is a simple or basic hotel but they has a good location and closer to Bromo so you have the possibility to walk to Bromo.If you arrive in the hotel early, you could visit the volcano in the afternoon to enjoy the volcano without crowd.

Pasuruhan > Tosari

The second access is to pass the city of Pasuruhan and stay in the village of Tosari. The advantage is you can go to Penanjakan point without passing the sand in the caldera. The hotel in Tosari is in class superior compare to the hotel in Cemorolawang, but you don’t have te advantage to see the volcan from hotel.

Malang > Tumpang

The third access is from Malang to Tumpang. You could take the train to Malang from Yogyakarta (Malioboro Express, Executive or Economic class, arrive in Malang at 03.30 PM). And then, to visit Bromo, you have to take Jeep because the roads are still in a bad condition. But it’s an interesting trip because you will pass through the National Park. You have to stay in Malang to take the Jeep in the morning. You will pass through the Savana of Bromo, a green part of Bromo.

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