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East Java

East Java (Indonesian: Jawa Timur, abbreviated as Jatim) is a province of Indonesia. Located in eastern Java, it includes the islands of Madura, which is connected to Java by the longest bridge in Indonesia, Suramadu Bridge. East java is a very fertile land and has beautifulls national parcs : Bromo, Semeru tengger natioanal Parc, Kawah Ijen Crater, Meru Betiri National Parc, Alas Purwo National and Baluran national park.

Ethnic Javanese dominate the Java mainland as well as the total population of the province overall, while ethnic Madurese inhabit Madura and the Kangean and Masalembu archipelagos, though centuries of migrations have led the Java mainland to have a larger proportion of Madurese people than Madura itself. Minorities include distinct Javanese ethnicities such as the Tengger people in Bromo, the Samin and the Osing people in Banyuwangi. East Java also hosts a significant population of foreign ethnic groups, such as Chinese, Indians, and Arabs.

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