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South of Bali

White sandy beach - beautifull temple Tanah Lot

The south part of Bali is dedicated for you who love party after visiting beautifull temples of Tanah Lot and Uluwatu or doing Surfing  on the big wave.  You can take time relax on the hotel  and  going to seafood restaurant on long of the Jimbaran beach before having an international flight.

Almost all of the international hotels  chain stand on the south part of Bali. Some hotels are constructed on the rocky hill because they have a beautifull view on the ocean.  South direction for Balinese people is not a good direction. It is a symbol of devil.  South of the island is a rocky and the soil is not fertil. The Balinese did not want to stay and have a land in that area.   Before 1970, south of Bali was nothing. The region was almost inhabited.  After 1970, where international tourist came to Bali and they enjoyed their holiday in the south part of Bali in Kuta and Sanur.  little by little the land in southern part of the island was sold to tourist.

South of Bali dedicated for you who love surfing. It’s your place. You could surf along the zone start from Medewi beach near Tanah lot, Kuta,  Balangan beach  until Uluwatu on the end of Bali Peninsula. You can rent gear here so You do not need to take your surf bord from home.

As South of Bali is considered as not pure, so  the Balinese need  to pry and the built the temples.  Tanah Lot and Uluwatu temples on the south of the island are exemples of the beautifull temples in Bali.  The two temples are the most visited temples in Bali by locals peoples.

At evening, if you have time you could watch the Kecak traditional dance performance in the temple of Uluwatu. Kecak Dance is a styled dance where the music is produced from the mouth of the dancer.  The dance tell a bout Ramayana story.  Than you can have dinner in Jimbaran for seafood and in Seminyak.

We recommended you to stay at least one night before leaving, in the south of Bali in Kuta, Seminyak, Sanur, Jimbaran.  you could have a party  or  just dinner in international restaurant  or shopping in Seminyak or Legian street.


Kecak dance is the most famous dance in Bali. You could find it in Ubud and Uluwatu Temple. Kecak is a Balinese traditional Dance, perform by a group of topless male dancers sitting on the ground. They raise their hands while shouting chak..chak..chak…in function of music. The dance tells the story of Ramayana. The name of the dance come from the sound made by the dancers, chak…chak…chak…: kecak.

Destinations of Bali
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