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Bali - The Paradise Island

Your Main Gate to Indonesian Archipelago

Bali is ranked as  the world’s second best island travel destination for 2015 by International tourism magazine Travel and Leisure in 2015 after Galapagos Equador. Bali is the best island destination  in Asia. The natural beauty, cultural uniqueness and local hospitality are among the reasons behind this achievement.

Bali is the island of God. You will find thausands of temples around Bali. Each temple represents a particular God. And the anniversary of a temple is a party to whole communities and to everyone related to the temple. They will decorate the temple and the gate of the village with the Penjor (a coconut leaf)

Bali is a small island, about 150 km long and 110 large. You could reach it by domestic or international flight. You could also reach it from Java (Ketapang/Banyuwangi) by ferry about 1-hour crossing, after hiking the Kawah Ijen.  Bali has the philosophy access into the sea which symbolized the impurity and the Volcano philosophy which symbolized purity. Balinese live in the village as famers. They cultivate lots of rice and famous for its terraced rice field.

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