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Java Exotic Tour is Indonesian travel agency  based in Yogyakarta, organize  individual and group tour for company gathering and also organize special interest tour  or a tailor made tour suit to your need, your want and your life style. You just need to explain what do you want to do for your holliday. Get the advise for the best Itinerary. He will respons quickly. 

From Yogyakarta office,  Java Exotic Tour organize tour through out Indonesia archipelago: Java, Bali, Lombok, Sumatera, kalimantan, Sulawesi and Flores Komodo. Our networking among the Indonesia very dinamics people, honnest, friendly  and helpfulll team.   You will be homy in Indonesia and will enjoy your trip during your holiday. 

Clients of Java Exotic tour  come from all around the worlds.  They are from Privat sector companies,  national Bank, International School from Jakarta, Asean Market coming from Malaysia, Singapore,  and also from Europe as French, Belgium, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, Italy and Spain. 

First Step….

Heri Susmardiyanto went to Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta where He studied French. Out of his study in French, Heri was also interested in   some students activities organisation and also joint  in Indonesia-Canada Youth Exchange program for about 8 months. He stayed 4 month di Canada and 4 months in Riau  City  Sumatera Indonesia. That program let him to stay and grow up in the difference culture, habits and costumes. The goal of the program is a mutual understanding between all of participants and the society. After Completion of his study, He work   for English and French Speaking tourist guide.

Famille de Heri

He started to be a freelance Guide since 1994 in Java for some major Tour Operator from Europe.  He went to others islands as Sumatera, Bali, Lombok, Borneo, Sulawesi and Flores Komodo. To be tour guide is a proud work, He can learn more about his country and culture . Indonesia is a very big country with all of differences.

He is a member of the official Tourist Guide Association and He was chairman of the Association chapter Yogyakarta part nord until 2015. That role let him to know more about tour guide job and developpe his network and the important issue in tourisme industry.

After more than 15 years experience in guiding, Heri is interested to promote his country and organize tours privat and group. He kowns much about different destinations. He can give you some advise to explore Indonesia, suit to your need, your wish and your budget.
Do not hesitate to communicate to him for preparing a very tailor made tour.


Equipe de Java Exotic

Java Exotic Tour compose  of  all young energics people. We are always close to costumers. Java Exotic tour team is very effective and efficient. The staff, Guide and driver are well-organized, professional but always full hospitality. They will support your tour and will be as your advisor and as a friend as well during your trip.

Heri Bromo 450 Heri Susmardiyanto, graduate from Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta in 1996, become freelance Tourist guide  for french travellers for more than 20 years.  Since 2007 He  establish his own travel agency “Java Exotic Tour” for all market domestic and overseas in Yogyakarta city,  across java island, Bali and other islands in Indonesia.  Heri is the founder of Java Exotic Tour and He handle also the tour planing. If You want to make tour, You can contact direct to him on email address: info@javaexotictour.com
Equipe Tiwi 2c Pertiwi is Heri’s wife, graduate in 1995 from Economics studies of gadjah Mada University, worked for 13 years in national Bank as Loans manager. She decided to resign  in 2009 to join her husban’s business Java Exotic Tour. She handle all finance and reservation for your coming.
parlan Chauffeur anglophone Parlan is our friendly driver. He is very curious Man  so that why He speak enough english and some french expression to communicate with tourist. He can not say “No”.  He will always be available to help you  and He does not forget  his smill.
Hemy Hemi/suhaimi graduated from Academy of  foreign language studies (ABA)  is one of our best french speaking Guide. He is originaly from Sumatera but He stayed in Yogyakarta since more than 20 years when He went to University. He know very well Javanese culture and phiilosophy. He like very much culinar. he stay near Prambanan temple and He can invite you passe his house in the  middle of ricefield to take tea with his family.
susilo Susilo graduated from Academy of  foreign language studies (ABA)  is one of our best french speaking Guide. He is real Javanese man and He worked as local guide in Mangkunegaran prince palace for about 10 years before joining to Java Exotic Tour. So He is our expert of javanese culture and philosophy.  Susilo was classmate of Hemy at Academy. He stayed in Yogyakarta since more than 20 years when He went to University.
Parwono Parwono/Wowon, graduated  from IKIP Yogyakarta institue Pedagogic for english studies.  Parwono means Man of the forest. He come from small village on the slop of Sindoro volcano. He is our one of best english speaking Guide and domestic guide. He is our expert of tourism issue as He was a chaiman of officiel tourist Guide Association and become member of Yogyakarta tourism bord.
fajri Fajri is our one of best  domestic guide. He is invited to handle VVIP clients for visiting Yogyakarta and around. He kown what is underclossur of Yogyakarta island. He like touring and survey the new spot destination.
Janisha Puan Widowati Janish  graduated from UNY in French studies, smart, anthusiastic, dynamic girl and very friendly, speak well english and french. She is new comer in Java Exotic Tour office to handle all reservation  hotel, website maintenance and sometimes She go with clients for the visit. She worked as local guide in Prambanan temple last time.


Why You Chose Java Exotic Tour

  1. Experienced Team and Hospitality
  2. Friendly Guide and Driver
  3. fast Response
  4. Suport 24h/ 24 and 7 days weeks
  5. Local Tour Operator
  6. Sustainable tourism
  7. tailor made tour
  8. Flexible Itinerary
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