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Prambanan temple or local often calls it as Loro Jonggrang Temple is the biggest Hindu temple complex in Indonesia that was built in 9th century. This temple is devoted for the trinity of God in Hindu religion. They are Brahma, the creator – Shiva, the destroyer – Wisnu, the protector. According to ancient inscription of Siwagrha the original name of this temple is Siwagrha which in Sanskrit means the House of Siwa. In the Garbagriha (the main room) of the temple lies the statue of 3-meter-tall Shiva Mahadewa which shows how important Shiva is.

Prambanan is a cultural heritage listed in UNESCO. This complex was built by Rakai Pikatan or King Pikatan from Sanjaya Dynasty who married Queen Dhah Pramodhawardani from Syailendra Dynasty. This temple is the harmonization between Hindu and Buddha religion. On the top of the temple which is the sacred place for Hindu people there is Mustaka that is resemble Stupa in Buddhist architecture.

Prambanan temple at the time is considered as the center of the Hindu Buddha culture. This temple is surrounded by hundreds of smaller temples with Hindu and Buddha religion architecture, such as:

 Sewu Temple

Sewu temple is a Buddhist temple with the mixture with Hindu style in the architecture. The marriage of Rakai Pikatan (from Hindu Dynasty) and Queen Pramodhawardani (from Buddha dynasty) caused the mixture of the temple’s architecture. Sewu means Thousands, and this refers to the large amount of temples in Sewu complex.

But actually there are only 240 temples in the complex. This temple is located only 1 km from Prambanan temple and still in the Prambanan Park. During Waisak, this temple is used for the center of praying for the Buddhist around the region.

Bubrah Temple

Bubrah means ruined in Javanese Language. This temple is named ‘Bubrah’ or ‘ruined’ because of its condition when it was rediscovered. Even so, the effort to renovate the temple is keep on going until now. This temple is Budhist temple and including in the trinity of Buddhist temple in Prambanan complex alongside with Lumbung and Sewu temple.

Lumbung Temple

Lumbung temple is one of the chain of Buddhist temple in Pramabanan temple complex. This temple is located closest to Prambanan main temple complex. This temple is functioned as a rice barn by the local people in the ancient age, that’s how this temple called Lumbung or Barn.

Plaosan Temple

Plaosan is a Buddhist temple located not very far from Prambanan temple. But this temple is not included in the Prambanan park. This temple consists 2 temples complexes, Plaosan Lor (North Plaosan) and Plaosan Kidul (South Plaosan). In North Plaosan there are 2 main temples that is often called as twin temple. Meanwhile in South Plaosan there are only small temples called perwara.

 Sojiwan Temple

Sojiwan temple is a Buddhist temple located 2 kilometers to the south of Prambanan temple. This temple was built between 842 till 850 AD. The name of the temple is taken from the protector of the temple that was mentioned in the inscription, Nini Haji Rakryan Sanjiwana.

Ijo temple

Ijo temple is located on top of a hill 4 kilometers away southeast of Boko temple. This temple is still active for some ritual by the Hindu people. The local named it Ijo because it is located on a hill called Gumuk Ijo. If we visit this temple, we can see the scenery of Yogyakarta city from above. We can even see the runway of Adi Sucipto International Airport. You can also see a beautiful sunset from this temple.

Barong Temple

Barong temple is located in Candisari, Sambirejo, Yogyakarta. The architecture of this temple is different than the other temple in the region. It has a very large foundation that support small temples above it.

Boko Temple

Boko temple is a Hindu site that is named after Loro Jonggrang’s father, Ratu Baka or King of Stork. Loro Jonggrang is a Princess figure in the local myth that is believed in the legend to be part of the creation of Prambanan temple. Rather than considered as temple, this site is more considered as an ancient palace. That is because the fortress that surround this temple. Built in 8th century, this temple is nominated to be UNESCO’s World Heritage since 1995. This place is often use for events and performance. This place is also one of the best place to see sunset in Yogyakarta.

Kalasan Temple

Kalasan temple is a small temple located 100 meters south from Yogyakarta- Solo highway. This temple is a Buddhist temple. It has 52 Stupa and functioned as Vihara.

Sari Temple

This temple is located not very far from Prambanan and Kalasan. Similar to the other temples in the area, this temple was also built in 8th century during the reign of King Penangkaran to be exact. This temple consists of several story. The upper story is used as warehouse to keep the religious equipment. And the lower story is used for payer and any other religious activities.

Sambisari Temple

Sambisari temple is a Hindu temple located 4 km away from Prambanan. This temple was built in the 9th century during the reign of King Garung. If you visit this temple, you will find this temple is located in the lower ground level than the surrounding.

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