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To celebrate Yogyakarta City’s 261st birthday, the local government held a chain of programs which ended by the Wayang Jogja Night Carnival. Carnival is very identical for Yogyakartanese. We usually have a carnival to celebrate the important occasion such as a special occasion of the Kraton or Royal family. Hundreds of people will gather during the carnival day. They come from every area in the province.

On October 7, 2017,  we held a carnival with Wayang as the themed. Wayang is a traditional puppet show. In the wayang we tell the story from Hindu religion such as Ramayana and Mahabarata. Wayang used to be a tool to spread the Hindu religion in Java and Bali.  Therefore, Kraton or Sultan palace and Javanese culture itself is influenced by Hindu’s culture.

The carnival is not just a mere carnival but also competition between 14 regions in Yogyakarta. Each region sent a representation where they have to compete in term of the costume and the show. They assigned with a certain character from Wayang that they have to represent during the parade.

The parade starts from Tugu monument at 06.00 pm. Even so, people have already gathered before the show starts. Tugu Monument’s area becomes the most crowded area since they also prepared a stage with a large screen. Some street around the carnival area are closed. This event is not just attracting local people, but also foreigners who are visiting Yogyakarta area and foreign students. We can see people from a different background gather around Mangkubumi street and enjoy the parade.

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