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Recently, Gunung Agung (Agung Volcano) has been the talk of the world after its high activities. But what makes this volcano famous? Its location in one of the world is favorite tourist destinations from Indonesia, Bali, makes many people glance at it. Mount Agung is in the northeast side of Bali. The volcano has a deep meaning for the Balinese since for Hindu people, the volcano is very sacred. Most of the religious-related activities focused on the volcano. Every Pura or temple in Bali faces the northeast direction where Gunung Agung is located.

source: republika.co.id

Gunung Agung is an active volcano with low activity compared to Merapi volcano, which is always on its activity every 6 or 10 years. Gunung Agung’s last eruption was in 1963 and only the fourth time since 1800. Its eruption is similiar to Merapi, which let out hot clouds. And according to the last eruption, the lava would reach a distance of ± 7.290 m. The recent activity has forced hundreds of families to take shelter in Candidasa City as the volcano status has changed to level 4 or the highest level. The area of 9 km from the volcano is obliged to be clear for any activities.
Even so, if you want to visit Bali, you don’t have to be afraid as long as you avoid the dangerous area. The places that you can’t visit are Pura Besakih, Tulamben, and Amed. Outside of those areas, it is still considered safe for a visit. And don’t worry, most of the tourist destinations in Bali are located in the southern part of Bali. In case of the closure of the airport when the volcano erupts, the government has prepared ± 300 buses to take the passengers to the nearest airport in Java.

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